About Computer noobs

Computernoobs is a website that offers various resources to learn about the basics of computers. Our goal is to help people who have any type of problem with their computer.

Our story

Computernoobs was born with the idea of ​​meeting the demand of many people to learn about the basics of computers with useful and easily accessible resources.

Our website contains several articles regarding common problems people have with their computers. Additionally, we also have general informational articles that will help you learn something new about computers.

We are committed to continuing to create more resources that people can use to solve common problems they might have with their computers.

About the author

Jefferson Huera

Jefferson is the founder and administrator of Computernoobs.com. He obtained a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

During his time at University, mathematics, programming and design were always some of his favorite subjects. Most of his subjects were based on mathematics, numerical methods, physics, and computers, therefore, he has very strong bases in various mathematical areas and has deep knowledge of computers.

Jefferson considers himself to be a person full of energy and determination. He is someone who always seeks to learn something new and face new challenges.

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The University of Manchester

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