Top 5 Most Secure Laptops (2022 with Additional Tips)

Security is one of the most important elements when buying a laptop. It is what guarantees that the computer will last you for a long time and that your privacy is not compromised. For this reason, it is important to know the top laptops in this category.

To date, the most secure laptops are the following: Apple MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface 3 and Apple MacBook Pro. Of course, there are other quite interesting models that are also very practical, both for performance and for the security factor.

In this article, we will discuss in detail each of these laptops, their features, and how they can help you to perform your daily tasks. In addition, we will also mention some very effective tips to increase the security of your laptop.

Top most secure laptops

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Are laptops really safe?

First of all, we must define what we mean by security. The first option, and the most obvious of all, is about data protection because we do not want anyone to have access to our personal information. In this sense, security depends more on the operating system than on the laptop itself.

On the other hand, we can also use the word security to refer to the structure of the laptop. That is, how safe it is against drops, scratches, falls, power surges, among others. We mention this because it is very well known that most of the laptops on the market are very fragile, and therefore not so secure.

In any case, there are laptop models that are both practically invulnerable at the software level, and very resistant, so they have total security.

Top 5 most secure laptops

In the following list, you can find a brief analysis of what we consider the most secure laptops of the moment. We will take into account privacy, performance, and endurance, so you can get a laptop you can rely on for a long time:

Apple MacBook Air

Apple macbook air

This is one of Apple’s best-selling models, as it has a relatively good quality/price ratio. It is not one of the most expensive models of the brand, but it does offer some interesting features. To begin with, it is well known that the Mac operating system is very robust and stable.

In fact, on many occasions, it is not even necessary to install an antivirus because the system’s native protection is more than enough. In addition, Apple has its own browser, which also promises to be really secure against threats.

In design and structure, it is a laptop that, while quite thin, also has a strong and airtight structure. Its solidity is felt in the structure, so it will last for many years.

Regarding the hardware benefits, it is a laptop with a 13-inch screen, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal storage with SSD, and a tenth-generation Intel Core i3 processor. In general, it is a laptop that is worth it.

Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface laptop 3

Apple’s clear competitor in the world of computers also has a very attractive model. It is designed to fully enjoy the Windows interface, which has its own anti-vulnerability system. Of course, it does not hurt to install an additional antivirus.

The Microsoft Surface 3 is ready to run Windows 11, which promises to be more secure than its predecessor. Likewise, it has a clean and elegant design. Despite being a lightweight laptop, its structure is robust enough to withstand a few drops.

It has 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal storage, and a 1.2 GHz Intel Core i5 processor in its standard version, but other varieties can be chosen.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple macbook pro

We continue with one of the high-end laptops that is designed not to disappoint any user. Even though it is not one of the newest models, it still stands strong in the market for all the features it offers.

As we have already mentioned, the most important thing in terms of security is the robustness of the Apple operating system. Apart from that, its structure is really solid, stable, and resistant, so there will be no problems with durability.

It has a 16-inch screen, an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics card, 512 GB of internal storage, and a wide variety of other features that make this computer unique.

Of course, it can be purchased in other variants, in which the storage capacity and some details change.

Lenovo ThinkPad X Carbon

Lenovo ThinkPad X Carbon

Leaving aside the two great competitors in the computer world, we will describe a model of a brand that has established itself very well in the market. This is Lenovo, this time with a fairly attractive, mid-range to high-end laptop that has very striking features.

Regarding its security, it is practically the same as in the Microsoft Surface, since it runs the same operating system. However, it is possible to install other systems, such as Linux, with which if you have advanced knowledge you can build an invulnerable interface.

In any case, for the everyday user, Windows is enough, as long as you have some practical measures, which we will mention later on in this article. Either way, this laptop can be chosen with various processor and RAM configurations, depending on your needs.

Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme

Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme

We end this list with an unusual model, and perhaps not the most recommended for the everyday user. However, if you are a person who needs maximum security, and at the same time great resistance, it is one of the best alternatives.

It consists of a laptop designed to withstand extreme circumstances, and therefore its structure is completely covered to provide protection against drops, falls, and any accident.

We can say that it is a military model, for special operations or for high-risk activities. If need a laptop to be used in extreme conditions, this choice is very appropriate.

It has 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal NVMe storage, and an Intel Core i5 8350U processor.

How to increase the security of a laptop

If you want to increase the security of your laptop, there are some handy tips that you can apply. First, let’s discuss physical security, where the most obvious thing to do is to place the laptop in a safe place where it is not prone to falls.

You should also be careful with the laptop when you connect it to a power plug to charge the battery. Use a surge protector because, in the event of a power surge, the laptop may burn out.

On the other hand, regarding the security of the operating system, there are many more things that can be done:

1. Keep the antivirus updated

Every day there are new computer viruses that threaten the security of your laptop. Therefore, it is essential to keep your antivirus software up-to-date so you can deal with new threats.

Similarly, keep your computer’s operating system up to date because with each new package that is installed, the robustness of the platform is strengthened.

2. Be careful with downloads

The most common way to get your computer infected with a virus is through Internet downloads.

Do not download files that are suspicious or that the antivirus detects as malicious. And in case you really need to download a file, scan it with an antivirus before opening it.

3. Phishing protection

There are many ruthless tricks to steal other people’s private information, such as the password of websites, banks details, or account numbers. To avoid such attacks, you have to pay close attention to the origin of emails and the request for personal data by entities that are not official or authorized to make such requests.

4. Do not use the same password

This is a common mistake, especially for those people who tend to forget passwords. Some people decide to use the same password for all their platforms. Emails, bank accounts, social networks, everything has the same password, and that is a problem.

In the event that someone discovers your password, they will have access to all that personal information, and no secure laptop will be able to resist it.

5. Corporative security

In case you have a business where several people use laptops, make sure that they all comply with a security protocol. Remember that a single laptop can affect the performance and security of other laptops if they are connected to the same network.

Which secure laptop to choose?

Most laptops, if used properly, are very secure, especially models from Microsoft and Apple. Determine what your budget is, what hardware features you require, and what you will be using the computer for to find out which operating system is best for you.