Top 9 Reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are So Heavy

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If you like video games, you have surely decided to invest in a specific laptop for the gaming world. They are devices that stand out for their excellent performance, as well as their high-end features. Now, you might be wondering why gaming laptops are so heavy.

Gaming laptops have a higher weight due to their more robust components. Additionally, their more resistant structure and components like graphics cards or cooling devices also contribute to their increased weight.

Of course, there are more laptops that are more or less heavy depending on what type of components they integrate, their brand, and their screen size. Here, we will talk about these factors to identify all the reasons involved.

Features that make gaming laptops heavier

One of the most sought-after qualities in a general-purpose laptop is its light weight since that allows it to be carried anywhere. Also, many of them are compact in size, so they fit in any backpack.

Obviously, we do not mean that a gaming laptop cannot be carried from one place to another. However, a larger bag may be required for these computers and the weight will probably be felt to a greater extent.

In any case, here we leave the characteristics that make a heavier gaming laptop, both at the construction level and in the hardware aspect.

1. Resistant structure

We start with the most influential in terms of weight: the structure of the laptop. First of all, the materials used for the construction of this equipment are much more solid, which also increases its weight.

Many of the lighter notebooks incorporate plastic materials, which adds lightness as an advantage. However, at the resistance level, they are not so outstanding, and that is why other materials are used in gaming equipment. For example, the metal frame is quite common for these devices.

2. Large screen and overall size

Larger dimensions are synonymous with greater weight, at least in most circumstances. To properly enjoy a video game, a laptop with a large screen is required. The average size for these computers is 17 to 19 inches, reasonably larger than the 13 and 15 inches for normal notebooks.

Additionally, the screens of the gaming models have more advanced technology that in many cases can mean an increase in weight.

3. Additional accessories

Gaming laptops have a larger keyboard, RGB LED lighting, more powerful speakers, and a series of peripherals that are not found in conventional models. Each of these individual accessories is not so heavy, but when added collectivelly they have an impact on the final weight.

4. Graphics card

Graphics cards are essential components in gaming laptops. It is important to note that these pieces are robust, and although they are reduced in dimensions to be installed on a laptop, they are still of considerable size.

This means that you have to make a bigger laptop to fit the video card inside. Then, the weight of the structure must be added, in addition to the weight of this new component. Moreover, the graphics card has fans, which are also related to the weight of the device.

5. Processor cooler

Technically speaking, the processor has a similar weight to that of most computers, even desktop computers. However, what can contribute additional weight for this aspect is the CPU cooler, which has to be of greater power and size to offer good ventilation.

Given that gaming laptops tend to be used intensively, and with so many components inside, it heats up much more. In these cases, the processor has to be well ventilated, and therefore a more robust cooler is installed.

6. Larger motherboard

The motherboard of a gaming laptop is also considerably larger than that of a conventional model. The reason is that dual channel RAM memory, graphics card, and other components that are not present in a normal laptop have to be installed.

Additionally, if the gaming laptop is a model that allows the expansion of its components, the motherboard will be even larger. And as in the previous cases, larger parts mean that a larger structure is required.

7. Cooling devices

We already discussed this aspect in the processor and graphics card section, but we also have to emphasize it individually. In addition to the processor and graphics card coolers, we also have to look at the additional fans.

Gaming laptops have a more powerful ventilation system since they also heat more than traditional laptops.

8. Multiple storage units

It is true that SSD drives are extremely light, but that does not mean that they do not influence the weight. Sometimes laptops incorporate not just one drive, but two and even more SSDs. In addition, the weight increases much more if HDD units are included, which are larger and more robust.

Simple laptops only come with a single storage unit, making them lighter and thinner.

9. Large battery

Finally, we come to one of the most important and prominent aspects of a gaming laptop. These computers stand out for having a higher autonomy than that of conventional models. This requires a large battery, which must have bigger dimensions, which means that it is also heavier.

Advantages of heavy gaming laptops

All these features have led users to wonder if a gaming laptop is worth buying. Beyond being a great gaming device, if it’s going to be that heavy, you might want to go for a desktop computer.

However, if you plan to travel from one place to another and need to be distracted by some good video games, the following advantages are interesting:

Portability is maintained

It is true that they are larger and heavier, but they will still fit in most travel backpacks. Therefore, you can take your gaming laptop with you wherever and whenever you want. In addition, manufacturers are working more and more to optimize the dimensions and weight of these devices.

Higher performance

If your goal is to play with the best performance, you definitely have to buy a gaming laptop. Otherwise, a normal notebook will not work for you, or at least not for current games that have high requirements.

You can think about this as sacrificing a bit of lightness for superior performance on your favorite video games.

Higher quality

As we have said before, gaming laptops are made with much more resistant materials. This means that they withstand wear and tear, are not as vulnerable to shocks as normal laptops, and are more durable over time.

Greater robustness

In keeping with the previous point, the solidity of the structure is more noticeable, which conveys more confidence when using the laptop. A flimsy laptop causes insecurity, especially when it is going to be carried from one place to another.

Effective cooling

This is one of the most important aspects because gaming laptops keep the temperature at optimal levels. The inclusion of fans is essential so that the equipment does not overheat, which would lead to slowdowns and possible component damage.

More autonomy

Nobody likes to be playing their favorite title or being in the middle of an important game and having the computer shut down. Many normal laptops have a battery life of 2-3 hours when used for gaming.

If you want to forget about the battery aspect and play without interruptions, a gaming model is the best alternative. It is true that the battery contributes considerably to the weight, but it is worth it in view of the end goal.

Disadvantages of heavy gaming laptops

Although the robust and resistant structure of gaming laptops is very beneficial, it also has its drawbacks. To begin with, the price of these computers is higher, since manufacturers use higher quality materials.

On the other hand, although portability is maintained, they are a bit more difficult and uncomfortable to carry from one place to another. In any case, they are relative disadvantages and depend on your usage needs.

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Is it worth buying a gaming laptop?

If weight is not an issue for you, it is not a deciding factor when buying a gaming laptop either. Take a closer look at features, hardware, and individual components, which are the most important aspects at the performance level.

In short, a gaming laptop is heavier, but they are much more resistant, durable and efficient than a traditional laptop.

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