Do Macs Crash Less Than Windows PCs?

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When buying a computer, the most ideal is to buy a computer that does not suffer frequent failures in order to have the best performance for a long time. Therefore, you might be wondering if Macs fail less than Windows PCs and which of the two operating systems is worth it.

In general, Mac is characterized by having a more robust and stable system, but that does not mean that it is invulnerable. Ib the other hand, Windows is also a very good platform, although you might encounter issues a little more frequently.

In any case, here we will discuss the most common problems that can be found in a computer and what impact they have on Windows or Mac.

Which has more failures, a Windows PC or a Mac?

In reality, both types of computers may fail from time to time or in some cases not at all. Everything depends on the type of use that they are given and the optimization of their platform. After all, both operating systems have been designed to be used extensively and provide the best performance to their users.

However, it can be the case that solving the problems that appear in Windows is much easier than doing so in a Mac. It is especially easier if it is a hardware repair, in which for Apple computers you usually have to resort to a technician.

Top 8 most common problems on both Windows and macOS

The following are the most common failures on both operating systems:

1. The computer has died

This means that the PC has completely shut down, which has different causes. For example, if it is a laptop, the battery may have suffered some kind of damage or maybe it is not properly placed. Still, Windows laptops tend to suffer more when it comes to batteries than Macbooks.

In the same sense, in case of battery damage, it is much easier to find a replacement on Apple computers than on Windows PCs.

2. Screen does not show anything

Another of the most common failures, and that can happen on both Mac and Windows. Nevertheless, blue screens are much more prone in Windows and are associated with RAM memory failures.

On the other hand, on Mac, these failures can occur in different colors. For example, if it is black or blue, it means that it has frozen when running an application. Similarly, a gray screen with the Apple logo means that there is a major failure in the operating system.

They are failures that do not happen very often but are present at one time or another.

3. Bad camera image

This is one of the most frequent complaints that Apple users have because the camera of their laptops is not of very good quality. And apart from not offering the best quality, it gets worse over time and is practically not worth using. In the case of Windows, it is possible to find laptops with a much better camera.

4. Connecting external devices

At certain times, there are failures related to connecting external devices. For example, cell phones, USB flash drives, or portable hard drives. The solution may be to restart the computer, but if that does not solve it, you have to take the Mac to a technician to determine what the problem is.

Of course, it is also likely that there are many devices that are not compatible with this operating system. Either way, it is much easier to do a repair in Windows, and there is also greater compatibility. In fact, in very few circumstances are there failures in this regard.

5. Screen flickering

On a Windows computer, screen flickering is caused by a monitor failure. However, it must be remembered that most Macs are complete computers that come all in one. Therefore, they are a bit more vulnerable to damage, especially if there have been drops.

If the screen is physically damaged, it may cause the screen to malfunction. In case the failure is not due to a drop, you can try updating the system or resetting it through safe mode.

6. System slowdowns

This is the most well-known flaw on all devices, be it a computer, Mac, Windows PC, or even mobile devices. This occurs when applications require more resources than the computer actually has. Especially there are slowdowns when you don’t have enough RAM.

Windows PCs consume a lot more RAM, especially when browsing the internet with Chrome. The macOS operating system is lighter and therefore less susceptible to slowing down. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is always a good idea to restart the computer, do the updates and clean the system.

7. Computer overheating

This problem can be related to the previous one because sometimes the equipment gets slow when it gets too hot. This is because computers have a security system that avoids the intensive use of hardware when it has reached a high temperature so that it does not get damaged.

In both cases, the two platforms are quite safe in this regard.

8. Computer viruses

Finally, we have to mention computer viruses, which cause a lot of damage to a computer. It is no secret that macOS is a more robust and stable operating system, so it is not very vulnerable to malware. Obviously, there are exceptions, but generally speaking, this is not a reason for concern.

On the other hand, Windows PCs are much more susceptible to viruses, even more so when surfing the internet. You have to be very careful so that the computer does not get infected and suffer from different problems, both at the software and hardware level.

Both operating systems offer a very good user experience, and a few not frequent failures should not be an impediment to acquiring a computer with any of these two platforms.

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