Is It Bad To Use A Laptop For Gaming?

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The world of video games has been present in the market for decades, and every day there are more powerful computers to obtain excellent performance. However, many wonder if it is bad to use a laptop to play games, and others even claim that it is completely harmful.

Gaming on a laptop does not pose any risk, as long as it is used in the proper way. In fact, there are laptops that are specific for gaming and that are prepared to endure long hours performing at their full potential.

There are certain nuances to analyze before using a laptop for intensive and long hours of video games. Here, we will analyze all the details to identify what is the most convenient for gaming.

Gaming on a laptop is bad: myth or reality?

Over the years, the belief has spread that gaming on a laptop is bad and that it will end up damaging its components. However, the operation of these computers is exactly the same as that of a desktop computer, with the difference that the size is more compact and that it can be taken anywhere.

The gaming experience may not be as pleasant as on a desktop computer, but at the risk level, there are none. Of course, misuse of a laptop would lead to possible damage, but it is not because playing on them is bad, but because of inadequate use.

In summary, the statement that gaming on a laptop is harmful is a resounding myth, which has generally been popularized by people who do not have much knowledge about computers.

Why is gaming on a laptop believed to be bad?

Within this myth, we can include many other beliefs that are totally wrong. In any case, the most common of all is that the laptop turns into an oven when used to play video games because it gets very hot.

It is true, some years ago laptops were characterized by overheating, although that could be solved by placing them in a place with good ventilation. Despite this, these devices are currently designed to maintain adequate temperatures, even after intensive use.

In addition, we will discuss other common beliefs that users have and we will explain which are true and which are myths.

Myth 1: Laptops are not powerful enough

While it is true that the experience may not be the same, it does not mean that the laptops do not have good components. There are 11th-generation Intel Core i7 laptops, RTX 3080, and 16GB of RAM that outperform many of the gaming computers on the market.

True, they are quite expensive computers, but this belies the belief that laptops are less powerful.

Myth 2: Poor screen quality

It is something quite subjective because there are laptops with mediocre screens and others that are a real marvel. Again, it depends on the brand, the features, and the general characteristics of the laptop. Of course, the visual experience will usually be much better on a desktop computer with a good monitor.

Despite this, it is possible to find laptops with a very good screen quality, a large size, and IPS technology. There are even 4K resolution laptops that are a real marvel to behold.

Myth 3: Poor sound quality

As in the previous case, the sound quality depends on several factors, such as the audio card that the laptop has and its speakers. However, it is true that sound is one of the aspects in which you tend to sacrifice the most in a laptop.

Either way, audio quality has no bearing on gaming performance, nor does it have anything to do with damaging the laptop at all. You just have to choose a model that has a good sound quality or, failing that, connect powerful headphones.

Myth 4: Battery drains very quickly

Another of the most popular myths that have to be denied. Many believe that due to the supposed overheating of the laptop, the batteries will drain in a time of even less than an hour. But we have already explained that overheating is not necessarily a problem. Therefore, the battery is not affected.

Actually, the autonomy depends on the capacity of the laptop battery and the use you give it, but not on whether it is exclusively for gaming. In addition, there are models that offer up to 8 hours of duration, even gaming intensively.

Tips for using a laptop for gaming

gaming on a laptop

While gaming on a laptop is not bad, it could be damaged if gaming irresponsibly. Of course, it is something that applies to any device, and not only for laptops.

The following tips are very useful:

Do not be too demanding

The most common laptops found in homes are not gaming designs, so it is possible that their features are a bit limited. That is not to say that it is not a good idea to play, but it does mean that you may not get the most out of it.

The graphic quality is probably not the highest, it does not generate as many FPS nor is it the best option for competitive video games.

Do frequent maintenance

It is very important to clean the computer both physically and virtually frequently. First, the fans and internal components can get dusty, which does cause the computer to heat up. In the same way, cleaning the hard drive is essential for the laptop to run faster.

Play around with the power settings

Although gaming does not damage the battery, it tends to consume it faster, since gaming will be making full use of all the components of the laptop. If you want to increase the autonomy, configure the Windows power plan to your preference.

Is it bad to use a laptop to play video games?

Of course not, although it is true that the experience will be different from that obtained on a desktop computer. Still, playing on a laptop is completely safe, much more if it is a gaming model.

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