Which Is Better For Gaming Mac Or Windows?

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The world of video games is exciting and every day there are new computers specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts. Now, you are probably wondering: what is better for gaming, Mac or Windows? In case you didn’t know, this is a pretty popular debate, but there is a clear winner.

Windows is the best operating system and platform for playing video games. This is because there is a larger catalog of titles to choose from. In addition, computers using Windows are customizable, which is not the case with Apple products.

Anyway, it is important to thoroughly analyze the characteristics of each operating system. In this article, we will learn about what each operating system offers for gamers.

What computer do you need for gaming?

First of all, you have to define what gaming is as such, because there are many people who define themselves as gamers, although technically they are not. After all, there are many ways to play video games on a computer, such as using the websites that collect popular flash games, as well as the titles that come pre-installed in an operating system.

On the other hand, there are those who make occasional use of video games, such as when friends come or if they want to relax on a weekend. Finally, there are the professional gamers or at least those amateurs who make intensive use of the computer to play games.

Depending on the type of user, one option or another is preferable. For example, if you have a Mac because it is your main work computer, there are some titles that are very attractive and will make you have a good time of leisure.

On the other hand, if you plan to dedicate yourself to the world of video games or if this is your main passion, it is most appropriate for you to use a Windows computer.

Windows vs Mac for gaming: which is the best option?

windows is better than mac for gaming

There has always been an eternal debate about which OS is better, Windows or macOS. Apple has its followers, Windows its followers, and between the two brands, there is a rivalry in practically all aspects. It is true that Apple wins in many of them, but if we talk about video games, it may not have many advantages.

Here, we describe the most influential criteria when deciding on a Mac or Windows computer for gaming.


To run current video games, you definitely need to have powerful hardware. When we talk about hardware we are referring to the video card, the processor, the RAM, and a series of other components that maximize the performance of a computer.

In this aspect, the winner is Windows, although of course, that does not depend on the operating system as such. The reality is that Windows computers can be customized to your liking, and you can even build them from scratch with the components that the end-user prefers.

You can choose the processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, and practically all the parts. This is not the case with Macs, because you have to settle for what comes from the factory, which in most cases is not powerful enough to play video games.

It is true that some titles can be played on Mac with decent graphic quality, but not with ideal performance.


Choosing any type of gaming computer involves spending a considerable amount of money. However, you should be aware that a high-performance gaming computer with Windows is priced similarly to a basic Mac, which means that gaming with Apple is much more expensive.

The worst of all is that no matter how expensive a brand is, its performance will not be more satisfactory for video games. And to this, we have to add other factors, such as the cost of peripherals and the extended warranty, which is also more expensive.

Maintenance and repairs

When a computer is under heavy use due to video games, it also tends to suffer a bit more wear. It is important to do maintenance frequently and in some cases, it is even required to replace some of the components. Windows computers, as we mentioned before, are customizable, and therefore it is easy to change their components.

This is not the case with Macs given that, many times it is not even possible to open one of their computers unless the help of a professional technician is sought. In addition, in certain circumstances, you have to go directly to Apple to be able to arrange a repair, if possible.

Regarding maintenance, since PCs can be opened and manipulated conveniently, it is easier on Windows computers.

Functionality and lifespan

As we have repeated several times in this article, Windows computers usually allow replacing almost all of their components. This means that upgrading individual parts is possible, so you don’t have to buy a whole computer in case better performance is desired.

Windows PCs allow you to expand the RAM, change the processor, install graphics cards, among many other things. In this way, the equipment will not quickly become out of date or obsolete but will last for several generations.

We also don’t mean to say that Macs will lose their functionality or lifespan in a short time, but in video game terms, they may fall short. The requirements of video games increase every day, and therefore more and more powerful computers are required to execute them.

Peripheral compatibility

Most gaming peripherals are designed to be used in Windows. Here, we are referring to keyboards, computer mice, headphones, among other devices. Although almost all of these accessories are compatible with both operating systems, there are specific models that are not suitable for Apple products.

Some peripherals are not compatible with macOS because the majority of the gamer public uses Windows, and therefore the drivers are specially developed for this operating system.

Video Game Catalog

We leave the most important thing for last: the availability of video games that can be run on each platform. All titles on the market are designed to run on Windows, but very few have been developed to be compatible with Mac.

The difference in the number of video games available for each operating system is enormous. If you plan to dedicate several hours to video games and complete hundreds and even thousands of titles, Windows is the best alternative. You can also game on Mac, but you should know that there will be many limitations.

Of course, several of today’s video games are available to play on Mac. However, many users who have an Apple product as a computer, instead of gaming on it, purchase a video game console, and therefore developers do not pay close attention to the catalog for macOS.

Is it possible to game on a Mac computer?

It is definitely possible to game on a Mac, although of course, it has to be understood that you will not have as many possibilities as in Windows. In any case, there are some interesting alternatives to spend good leisure moments:

Native games for Mac

There are video games that have been developed specifically to be played on Mac devices. They may not have the impact that the most popular titles on the market generate, but they can still be very entertaining.

On the other hand, if you use a Mac computer to play video games, you are unlikely to be a gaming enthusiast. After all, those who have a true passion for this world must buy a Windows computer. If you only plan on relaxing every now and then, Mac games are an option.

Games optimized for macOS

Apart from the native games, there are also multiplatform games, which are released for Windows, consoles, Linux, and Mac. Likewise, they have been optimized to have a good performance in this operating system, despite the fact that the hardware that accompanies it is not the most powerful.

These games can be purchased and downloaded from Steam, which is the world’s largest computer video game platform.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an official Apple feature for installing Windows operating systems on your computers. The only requirement is that the processor must be Intel branded as it does not work with AMD devices. Either way, you just have to install Windows on a hard disk partition and use the computer as if it were native to Microsoft.


There are emulators, that is, programs that simulate one environment within another, as well as virtual machines, which are used to run Windows programs. The most used is Wine, popular for both Mac and Linux.

Windows vs macOS for gaming: Which is the winner?

The best platform to play video games is Windows thanks to its extensive catalog and the ability to install and modify the hardware. Of course, that does not mean that it is not possible to game on Mac, although it is not a platform designed to be as versatile as Windows for gaming enthusiasts.

Ultimately, choose the option that is most appropriate for you.

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