Top 7 Disadvantages Of A Tablet

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Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular in the market given that they offer users numerous advantages in terms of portability. However, it is important to consider all the aspects involved before purchasing one of these devices.

As a general rule, tablets are more uncomfortable for typing. They are also fragile devices and are not the best alternative for performing simultaneous tasks. Additionally, depending on the brand, they can be more expensive than a smartphone.

In this article, we will analyze all these aspects in detail so that you can make a good decision when buying a tablet.

Are tablets a bad investment?

Tablets are quite practical and useful devices for most users. Their main benefit is that they can be transported from one site to another very easily and you can take everything you need with you. Many of them are based on Android operating systems, which are also very familiar for most users.

Obviously, there are also tablets with iOS, which are equally efficient for most consumers. They are portable computers, with good autonomy, a modern design, and multiple connectivity options. Of course, just because they are good devices does not mean that they are perfect.

There are certain drawbacks to these gadgets, especially compared to smartphones.

Top disadvantages of a tablet

First of all, it is important to clarify that these disadvantages are somewhat relative because they depend on the model, its operating system, and the brand. In any case, these are the most common disadvantages that users highlight when using one of these portable computers:

1. Uncomfortable for typing

Tablet keyboards are uncomfortable since they do not adapt to the size of the hand. If you are going to use this device to write for long periods of time, you may end up getting tired sooner than you should. However, there is no problem when sending short messages or replying to emails.

For intensive use, it is preferable to buy an external keyboard that connects via USB. Nevertheless, it can be considered another small disadvantage, and that is that you have to buy additional peripherals to get by with the tablet, which increases its final price.

2. Fragile structure

If you compare the structure of a tablet with a mobile phone or even a laptop, you realize that it is considerably more fragile. Of course, this criterion depends on the brand, but in general terms, they are not as robust devices as one would like, especially when we talk about the screen.

It is quite possible for a tablet to break easily from a small drop. Given this, you are probably thinking of buying a screen protector, but there is another disadvantage here as well: accessories for these devices are difficult to find, given their size.

3. Higher risk of drops

Tablets can be transported from place to place and easily fit in most bags. However, it has to be taken into account that this portability is risky, because they are equipment prone to drops, as we have mentioned in the previous point.

For example, smartphones are portable, but can be operated with one hand, and using both hands means more security. In the same way, laptops, although they are carried from one place to another, are used on a table without problems.

This is different with tablets because you always have to use them with both hands, and their large size sometimes makes them difficult to hold properly. There are more times that a tablet has been dropped than a laptop or a phone.

4. Uncomfortable for simultaneous tasks

Many people think that a tablet is the cheapest solution compared to a laptop. In fact, there are computers that are exactly the same size, but that does not mean that they have the same utility. In case you need to do simultaneous tasks, tablets are not the most suitable.

There are circumstances where it is necessary to have multiple browser tabs open and multiple applications at the same time. Navigating from one window to another is not so pleasant, it takes more time.

5. Limited web navigation

The navigation of a tablet is limited, especially if we refer to the content found on the internet. Although many models can be the same size as a laptop, its operating system is still mobile. As a consequence, web pages identify that the system where they are going to show the content is that of a tablet.

There are platforms that show their interface with certain limitations, and sometimes the content is not even available. For example, there are YouTube videos that cannot be viewed on mobile devices.

6. High price

A tablet with the same characteristics as a smartphone, although it is true that it must be somewhat more expensive due to its size, can be considerably more expensive. It is still cheaper than a laptop, but it is not appropriate compared to a cell phone.

In circumstances like these, it is preferable to buy a smartphone that, thanks to its large size and versatility, can be used to perform the same functions as the tablet.

7. Limited hardware

Most manufacturers are specialized in cell phones or laptops. Although there are specific parts for tablets, they are generally more limited. This means that tablets are not very powerful devices but only serve the basics.

Of course, there are very high-performance tablets, but that significantly increases the final price, especially if it is a brand model.

Is it worth buying a Tablet?

Although a tablet has several disadvantages, that does not mean that it is not a practical device. Portability is an essential feature, as is its larger screen size, which makes visualizing easier. Still, it’s important to assess your needs to find out what’s best for you.

Finally, it is no secret that tablets are not that popular today, as phones come with a good screen size and are much more powerful in terms of performance. Either way, choose by doing a detailed analysis of the pros and cons so that you are satisfied.

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