Top 8 Disadvantages Of Macbooks

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Apple is an innovative company that has won the affection of all its followers. In addition, every day it offers new products with great performance, but it is true that there are always doubts when buying. In any case, it is important to be aware of the downsides of Macbooks.

The main drawback of Macbooks is their price since it is higher than that of conventional laptops. Additionally, it is not possible to change or update many of its components. This also makes it more difficult to make repairs in case of a component failure.

Anyway, there are certain nuances to analyze, and we will explain all of them in this article. We will also analyze what type of computer is more convenient to buy between Windows PCs and Macbooks.

What are Macbooks?

To really understand what problems Macbooks have, we first have to know what these devices are. Macbooks are a line of laptops designed by Apple to sell to the basic consumer. That is, they are computers designed for home users who will mostly do basic tasks like schoolwork, or use word processing software.

Therefore, it would seem that they are not the highest performance equipment, at least not for the most demanding users. However, a conventional user who only uses the computer to surf the Internet will not notice any difference.

In any case, these computers are characterized by being quite compact, light, and versatile, which would be some of their advantages. Of course, before making the choice, you also have to analyze the cons that are involved.

Most common disadvantages of Apple Macbooks

To begin, we have to clarify that we do not make this list for the purpose of discrediting Apple. Actually, our goal is to provide practical advice that tells the end user which option is the most convenient.

Having said all this, we start with this list of disadvantages:

1. Very high price

It is the main disadvantage not only of Macbooks but of practically all Apple devices. It is no secret that their products are reasonably more expensive than items from other brands. Apple is a top-notch company, and quality always costs more.

However, you can find devices with the same and even higher performance for much more affordable prices.

2. Expensive Apple Warranty

Not only the product as such is expensive, but also the warranty, in case you want to request it. Many choose to buy the warranty, as having a warranty directly from Apple is one of the safest ways to replace or repair the equipment if necessary.

It is true that the first year is free, but if you want to extend the warranty for two more years, you will have to pay about $250. And if we talk about the Macbook Pro, the one with a retina screen, the figure increases to $350.

This warranty is more expensive even within the same Apple category. In case you did not know, extending the warranty on an Apple desktop computer costs $180, which while still a high figure, is cheaper compared to what you have to spend on Macbooks.

3. Unable to change RAM

Macbooks are available in 4GB and 8GB versions, which is the standard for mainstream users. Once the item has been chosen, the RAM memory cannot be changed, expanded, or modified. This is one of the most obvious disadvantages of Macbooks, as RAM is one of the most important components of any computer.

In case of failure, making a replacement or repair is very complicated. This is because the RAM is welded onto the motherboard, so it is best to resort to the Apple warranty to let specialized technicians take care of the matter.

If you do not have a warranty, you can still use a third-party technician, but you may not get the best results.

4. Disproportionate price on RAM versions

The economic factor will always be a problem with Apple products, but in this case, it stands out even more. The price difference between the 4 GB version and the 8 GB version is disproportionate since you have to spend an additional 100 dollars, that is, more or less double what a RAM memory costs on the market.

Added to that is the disadvantage that the capacity cannot be expanded, so Apple puts limits in many ways that end up harming the user.

5. Very expensive connector

Again we talk about the price of its parts, and in this case, it is a small mishap that is not so common. But if for some reason the connector on your Macbook is damaged, you will have to pay about $80 to buy a new one.

Even though the market will find unofficial and much cheaper alternatives, they are not certified. In the long run, they could damage your computer, so it is preferable to always opt for an original product.

6. Storage cannot be expanded

This is exactly the same as with RAM because its storage unit is not expandable. Fortunately, it has an SSD drive, which greatly increases its performance and speed. However, if you fall short on the capacity, you definitely will have to use an external drive.

You may think that everything is solved by connecting a portable hard drive, and it can be true in some situations. However, remember that these devices are much more expensive than storage drives that are installed directly on the motherboard.

The solid-state drive in Macbooks is soldered onto the motherboard, so you have to settle for factory settings. And of course, if there is a fault or it is necessary to make repairs, it will become a bit complicated.

7. Pretty basic performance

As we mentioned at the beginning, Macbooks are designed for a basic user who uses technology mostly for simple tasks. For example, they are used for surfing the Internet, word processing programs, social networks, among others.

If you want to use these computers to play video games, you will probably get very poor performance results. They are not computers prepared to push themselves to the maximum, and may not even run the majority of titles of the current generation.

Needless to say, the catalog of games for Mac is quite small, and not only for these laptops but for any device that uses macOS.

8. Fewer apps to choose from

Video games are not the only programs that have a reduced repertoire within the Apple store. This operating system does not have a wide variety of software, at least much less compared to Windows, which is the system that dominates the market.

Therefore, you may not have many alternatives when choosing programs.

Advantages of Macbooks

After reading all these disadvantages of Macbooks, surely you have regretted wanting to buy one of these computers. However, we want to be objective, and that is why we will also mention some points in favor of Macbooks, at least in summary:

  • Macbooks are innovative, stylish, and easy to transport.
  • They provide a great user experience and their use generates a lot of satisfaction.
  • The operating system is simple, intuitive, and quite fast.
  • They are almost invulnerable to computer threats.
  • They come with all the essential apps out of the box.

Finally, although making a repair is quite complicated, the truth is that on very few occasions it is necessary to resort to a technician. They are computers designed in a meticulous way and with great durability and a long life span.

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Macbooks vs Windows laptops: which one to choose?

If you want to save costs, buy a more powerful computer and have a broader catalog of applications, Windows is the best alternative. In addition, the components for computers based on these systems are generic and can be easily changed and repaired.

On the other hand, if you want a prestigious computer, which is easy to use and characteristic in quality as is any Apple product, a Macbook is also a good alternative.

We have analyzed multiple disadvantages of these computers, but if you look closely, most relate to costs. If you have the budget to invest in a Macbook and are aware of the performance it can offer, the experience will be satisfactory.

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