Top 5 Best RAM Brands for PC and Laptop

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RAM memory is one of the most important components to have adequate performance in a computer. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a device that is certified and that offers the best performance. In this sense, you may be wondering what are the best brands of RAM for PCs and laptops.

The most recognized manufacturers of RAM memory are G-Skill, Corsair, Kingston, Patriot and Crucial. Each of these brands offer different features that are more or less convenient for each user. They are companies that offer RAM from basic to high-end models.

In this article, we will explain in detail what are the benefits provided by each manufacturer and which is the best alternative. In addition, we will present some important criteria to consider when buying RAM, whether for a desktop or a laptop.

Why is the brand of RAM important?

Many people buy a generic RAM memory, and although in theory, it works without problems, it isn’t a component that offers maximum performance. A recognized manufacturer guarantees the highest quality, the longest life span, and overall reliability.

For example, many generic brands specify that their RAM memory works at 3200 MHz when in practice they don’t reach that speed. On the other hand, there are certified models that significantly increase the performance of a computer, depending on the rest of the components.

RAM memories from certified brands are prepared to be used intensively, regardless of the application. They are used for video games, design, programming, servers, among others.

Top RAM Memory Brands

In the following list, you can find the most important characteristics of the main manufacturers of RAM on the market. It’s important to clarify that depending on the company, you will see more or fewer models for laptops.

A large part of RAM manufacturers focus on desktop computers, although of course, there are also some models for laptops. However, almost all laptops come with RAM specific to the general brand of the computer.

In any case, these are the best RAM brands on the market:


Gskill RAM
G-Skill Trident Z

For the vast majority of expert users in the world of computers, this is the best brand of RAM memory that exists. G-Skill is a company that has always been characterized by offering first-class products in every way. Its quality is Premium in any product, but it stands out the most in RAM memories.

Since the release of the DDR4 – 3600 MHz format, G-Skill has been at the forefront of memory construction. For example, its Trident Z Neo is one of the best gaming RAM at the moment, both in terms of performance and because of its great design.

This manufacturer offers an incredible variety of RAM, from some quite simple to 256 GB kits. Its modern finishes are very striking, usually, with silver, gold colors and RGB LED lighting.

All this has led to it being the favorite brand of almost all gaming enthusiasts. Despite all this, their prices are not as high as you think.


Corsair RAM
Corsair Vengeance PRO

We continue with one of the best-established brands in the world of computers. Corsair is a prestigious company that manufactures everything from computer towers to power supplies, including a whole series of peripherals.

This company is presented as the direct competitor to the previous one because its RAM memories have an excellent reputation. The Vengeance series is the most outstanding among all, and within it, there are different models to choose from.

It’s possible to buy a simple RAM memory for a basic computer, but also a couple of high-end RAMs with the best performance. Their structure is robust and resistant, perfect on an aesthetic level, very attractive with its LED lights, among other features.

Additionally, high-end memories have a temperature controller to prevent overheating. And don’t forget the lifetime warranty on these components.


Kingston RAM
Kingston HyperX Fury

Kingston is a manufacturer known to practically everyone since it’s dedicated to the manufacture of different types of storage devices. Not only RAM memory but also USB devices and SD cards for mobile phones, among others. But going to what interests us, its RAM memories are great.

The HyperX Predator and HyperX Fury series are especially excellent, being memories compatible with practically all motherboards on the market. Additionally, it’s interesting to know that its failure rate is the lowest among all brands, so it’s one of the most reliable manufacturers.

At the performance level, although it is not at the highest level like Corsair or G-Skill, it does offer good performance, and for its quality/price ratio, it is completely worth it.


Patriot RAM
Patriot Viper Steel

This is one of the brands that dominates the quality/price ratio category because you will see really cheap products, but with phenomenal performance. As in the case of Corsair, it offers a lifetime guarantee on its memory modules, among which the Viper series stands out.

Even though RAM memories from this manufacturer don’t provide the lowest latencies, they are a great option for this price range. Patriot is an alternative for those looking for good performance or for those who are not dedicated to competitive gaming. For example, the Viper Steel DDR4 is a very cheap way to complement a gaming computer.


Crucial RAM
Crucial RAM

The interesting thing about this company is that it sells DRAM to other well-known companies in the computer world, such as G-Skill, Kingston, and Corsair, which are brands that we have already described above. Well, this company also manufactures its own RAM memories.

In fact, it’s one of the oldest electronics manufacturing companies on the market and even has its own chipset. Therefore, its RAM memories are among the cheapest on the market, although of course, they are not specialized in speed or low latency.

How to choose a good RAM memory?

The first step is to decide on a manufacturer because let’s remember that the brand is very influential in the performance, quality, and life span of the product. But apart from choosing a certified company, it’s also relevant to take into account the following elements:

Memory capacity

By capacity, we mean the number of GB that the memory can store in a volatile manner. The minimum recommended capacity for current computers is about 8 GB, although 16 GB would be ideal, especially for high-performance gaming equipment.

Buying a higher amount is not recommended for a conventional user given that you may not end up using all that amount of memory.


The frequency is the speed at which the clocks in RAM can work. The higher the frequency, the higher performance the memories will offer and it will be possible to reach FPS peaks. The minimum you should think about today is 2400 MHz, but 3000 MHz is not bad at all, especially since its price does not increase too much.

Finally, a speed higher than 3600 MHz is synonymous with high-end RAM memories.


Latency consists of the time that elapses between the request and the response, that is, the time that elapses from when an action is executed until it’s displayed on the screen. Generally, you don’t have to pay much attention to latency because it comes with a default setting that works for most users.

However, if you are into competitive gaming, anything that positively influences performance is welcome. In this case, the lower the latency, the faster the response speed of the RAM.

The values range from 25 ns to 4 ns, the latter being the best figure of all, although memories with this feature are not very cheap. Likewise, the level of latency is strictly related to the frequency of the memory.


Dual-channel technology allows two RAM memories to work together and thus take advantage of the maximum potential of each module. That is, instead of installing a single 8 GB memory, it’s preferable to install 2 modules of 4 GB each.

This helps in distributing the memory load and avoiding saturation in a single module. This rule is applicable for any capacity.

Design and structure

On a visual level, you have the freedom to choose the RAM that is most appealing to you. There are simple and clean models, while others are more modern and have a very striking avant-garde design. Of course, keep in mind that all this can inflate the price of RAM a bit, and it is not something that influences its performance.

If you evaluate all these aspects, you will be able to buy a RAM memory from a certified manufacturer that offers excellent performance.

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