8 Things A Desktop PC Can Do That A Tablet Cannot

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Having computing devices, be it a computer or a tablet, is very important in the world we live in. Each of these tools offers us different characteristics and functions that are very useful on a day-to-day basis. Now, there are certain things that a desktop PC can do and a tablet cannot.

A desktop computer allows you to use more applications simultaneously, use multiple screens, write with ease, and run heavier programs. It also supports easier maintenance and performance can be improved over time given that many components can be replaced.

Anyway, there are some nuances that are worthy of analysis, which are those that we will detail in this article. In this way, you can determine what is most appropriate for you, a computer or a tablet.

Desktop PC vs Tablet: Which is better?

In many cases, tablets are compared to laptops, since they are very similar in terms of size and features. In these cases, both laptops and tablets have their points in favor and some against, and one will be more recommended than the other, depending on the situation.

However, although a comparison between a tablet and a laptop is quite reasonable, this is not the case with a desktop computer and a mobile device. It is true that a Tablet is portable, light, and comfortable, but it is intended for other types of users.

It is also true that many tablets can emulate some functions of a PC, and even have the same applications. Still, for most cases, using a desktop PC is more efficient, as long as you do not need portability.

If you need to carry your device from one place to another, we would need to make the comparison with a laptop, and not with a desktop computer. But if you are going to purchase one of these devices to use at home or in the office, consider the following aspects in which a PC is notably superior:

1. Type comfortably

Regardless of the type of user you are, at some point or another, you will have to write. You may be helping your children with homework, writing professionally, or writing as one of your hobbies.

Regardless of the reason, typing on a desktop is much easier than on a tablet. Just having a keyboard makes the process easier and faster.

Some tablets are compatible with external keyboards, but they are not quite convincing, since they are not very comfortable and their size is generally small. Additionally, it is likely that the price of these models is more expensive than that of conventional ones.

2. Use multiple on-screen apps

Tablets allow you to open multiple applications, but most of them only support one app per screen. If you want to switch to another application, you will have to minimize the current app.

Lately, the models that can divide its screen have become popular, although they are still few, and it can also be uncomfortable. After all, a tablet is a very small device in which having two applications open to use them at the same time is not very practical.

Instead, on a computer, be it Windows or Mac, you have the ability to resize the windows. Then you can strategically place 2,3 or even more programs on the screen and view them all with ease.

3. Add external displays

Here we must make an important clarification. Tablets, or at least most of them, sync with smart TVs. However, the content displayed on the screen is exactly the same as that of the tablet, only projected on a larger screen.

On a computer, it is also possible to do this, but not only that, you can also add an additional screen or even more screens. Working with multiple monitors dramatically increases efficiency and productivity, no matter what you do.

In this sense, desktop computers incorporate at least 2 free video ports on their motherboard. There you can connect the displays you need to increase their performance.

4. Perform maintenance

Performing maintenance on a desktop computer is relatively simple because you just have to open the tower and clean any dust that may be accumulated. Also, since most of them contain generic components, in case you need to remove any of the components for maintenance, the procedure is also very simple.

Do not forget that on the internet you will find many tutorials that will be useful to keep your computer in good condition. However, it is not so simple in the case of tablets, especially since many of them are manufactured in a hermetic way. It basically results in being almost impossible to open them without special tools.

It is best to take these devices to a technician, who will charge you additional money. And although it is possible to find tips in this regard on the internet, the information is more limited than for a desktop PC.

5. Replace and upgrade components

This is one of the determining points in which a desktop computer is superior to a tablet. You can replace absolutely every part of your computer, either because it has failed or because you want to increase the capacity of your hardware.

It is possible to add more RAM, replace the processor, connect another power source, or move all those components to a new motherboard. Almost all parts of a computer are generic and replaceable by others, as long as they have the same socket.

Similarly, if any replacement is mandatory because it requires repair, finding spare parts for a PC is much easier and cheaper. As a consequence, it is possible to extend the life span of desktop PCs.

A tablet is designed in a millimeter way to place all the hardware in a very reduced space. The only thing that can be increased if the storage capacity by using an external SD card, but beyond that, they do not offer versatility.

The worst of all comes when a failure occurs because, as we have said before, it will be necessary to request the services of a technician. As if that were not enough, many times the specific replacement for that tablet cannot even be found.

6. Play AAA video games

Part of the video game catalog has been extended to mobile devices, such as tablets. However, if you want to run the best, heavyweight, graphically demanding titles for today’s generations, you need a computer.

The gaming experience on a tablet is not comparable to that of a computer.

7. Create hard drive partitions

It is a native feature for computers, whether desktop or laptop. Partitions are very handy for dividing the storage capacity of a hard drive or an SSD drive. In this way, you can have two or more parts on the device to hold different types of data.

On a tablet, all you can do is create folders to classify the information, but not a partition.

8. Adjust the user interface

Computers, regardless of model, brand, or operating system, allow you to adjust display preferences. For example, refresh rate, color theme, resolution, distribution, animated backgrounds, application icons, folders, among many other things.

A tablet, although it also supports certain customization functions, is not as modifiable as a PC. In fact, to change certain elements, you have to download third-party applications that end up taking up much more space.

Are tablets bad?

Tablets are quite useful, versatile and practical electronic equipment, but not for all cases. If we talk in terms of use with respect to a computer, the PC is the clear winner and has no point of comparison with a tablet.

But if you need portability, a comfortable device to take anywhere and display your ideas, or a device to read, watch videos or hang out, a tablet is perfect. If your budget allows it, it is best to buy both a computer and a tablet to take advantage of their particularities.

The tablets/laptops that have reached the market

Finally, there are currently very popular 2 in 1 devices, that is, a combination of a laptop and a tablet. Even though it has nothing to do with a desktop computer, it is an interesting design for those who cannot decide between a tablet and a laptop.

They are devices that “close” to both sides. On the one hand, it does it like a conventional laptop, but if it is closed on the other, the screen is uncovered and it is possible to use it as a tablet with its touch functions.

In any case, before making the choice, determine what your needs are and what tasks you will be performing. Decide which device is the best for you based on portability and hardware requirements.

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