Which Laptop Brand Has The Longest Lifespan?

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Choosing a high-end manufacturer is one of the most important aspects when buying a laptop. There are some users who say that the brand does not matter so much, but in the end, it continues to provide a plus. In this regard, you may be wondering which laptop brand has the longest lifespan.

The laptops with the longest lifespan are those from Apple, which is one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers. It is also one of the oldest brands and its products have always been characterized by offering durability, good performance, and elegance.

Anyway, there are other manufacturers that compete in this sector, and depending on the use that is going to be given to the computer, one or the other is preferable. Here, we will talk about all of them.

Is the brand of a laptop important in relation to the lifespan?

Technically speaking, beyond the brand of a laptop, what is important is the quality of its components. This is because a generic laptop can have the same parts as a computer assembled by a high-end manufacturer.

In the case of desktop computers, the brand is not so relevant, and it even inflates the price significantly. It’s preferable to buy the components separately or buy a generic computer and the durability will be exactly the same. However, the same does not happen with laptops, and this is due to a very important factor.

Laptops generally come with all parts soldered to the motherboard. As a result, making a repair, maintenance, or replacement of the components is not easy at all, and in some cases, it is even impossible.

Buying a laptop from a certified brand provides a fundamental benefit in these situations: the manufacturer’s warranty. You can go to the company that sold you the laptop and process a replacement, repair, or maintenance in a simple way.

In addition, when a laptop is built by a certified manufacturer, you can be certain that each piece has been placed to the millimeter and that it will not present failures. So even if you have a warranty, you may never need to use it.

Brands of laptops with longer lifespan

Here, we leave a list of the most prominent manufacturers in terms of the durability of their products:


Apple logo

As we mentioned above, if we have to choose a laptop brand as the best, this would undoubtedly be Apple. Everyone knows the Bitten Apple Company, even those who are not computer experts. In fact, most mainstream users only distinguish computers by having Windows or by being from Apple.

Devices built by this manufacturer are more expensive than those of other brands. However, it has always been said that quality is worth paying for, and this is completely true with Apple. Of course, we do not mean to say that its devices are perfect, but at the level of life span, they are impressive.

If you want a laptop with macOS, you will have to buy an exclusive Apple product, and that guarantees high quality. But if a Windows laptop is what you are looking for, you will have to look at various brands.

Apple’s Macbook General Lifespan:

In general, Apple’s Macbook, whether it’s a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, can last between 5-8 years with complete support from the manufacturer. Although still subjective, with proper physical care and software updates, it will surely last for 5-8 years, even longer as long as OS security won’t be compromised.


Dell logo

This company is a multinational company that develops, manufactures, and markets computers and servers. It also provides technical service, support, repairs, among others. Although the brand offers laptops for different sectors, the most common ones are for office use. They are very practical computers for office tasks or home use. There are also specific models for businesses and professionals.

This brand stands out for launching products with an excellent screen resolution and with the highest image quality. However, it is necessary to clarify that although their graphics cards offer good colors, it does not mean that they are the best for gaming.

Dell Laptops General Lifespan:

While it’s easier to predict the lifespan of laptops with more brand exclusivity and fewer variants such as Apple, with Dell it could be more difficult and subjective. To estimate, Dell laptops, most of the time last up to 5-7 years at an almost brand-new condition with minimal to zero repairs and part replacements, including their cheapest models.

Dell is known to be one of the greatest manufacturers to maintain quality in their products, especially in the physical aspects of their computers and laptops. Of course, just like any laptop from other manufacturers, it can last more than 7 years but expect the performance to deteriorate and get less support from the manufacturer.


Asus logo

This company is primarily engaged in manufacturing, designing, and selling hardware globally. It’s among the top 3 manufacturers of products and gaming laptops in the world and has models for absolutely all users.

Some models are straightforward, but it also has higher-performance laptops and devices exclusively dedicated to the world of video games. In addition, it stands out for its excellent quality/price ratio.

ASUS is known for releasing high-performing models at a cheaper cost compared to other laptop manufacturers with the same specifications.

ASUS Laptops General Lifespan:

Just like other laptop manufacturers that use Windows as their base pre-sold OS, ASUS laptops’ lifespan can be more difficult and subjective to determine. But as an estimation, ASUS laptops last up to 4-5 years in an almost brand new condition with minimal to zero repairs and part replacements.


hp logo

HP is one of the oldest brands on the market, and it’s one that has always been Dell’s direct competitor. HP is a reliable manufacturer with great quality and great prices. As if that were not enough, every day it has innovated more in its products, so it’s an innovative and durable alternative.

HP Laptops General Lifespan:

HP laptops are commonly estimated to last between 5-6 years. With HP’s popularity due to being one of the most bought laptop brands globally, many users estimated them as such based on their use. Although different users might have different ways of handling and caring for a laptop, this estimation is true for those who use the HP laptops properly and keep their original design as much as possible.


Lenovo logo

Here, we can make a clarification because many users believe that Chinese products are of poor quality or that their life span is shorter. However, that is not always correct, much less when we talk about Lenovo, one of the Chinese brands that has better established itself in the market.

Just like ASUS, Lenovo has high-performing laptops that are sold at budget-friendly prices. This is also the reason why Lenovo laptops became one of the popular brands for students and businesses alongside Dell and ASUS.

Its line of laptops has largely innovated, being even one of the first manufacturers to offer hybrid computers. Their prices are very competitive, and in terms of durability, you should not worry because its devices will accompany you for years.

Lenovo Laptops General Lifespan:

Lenovo laptops are estimated to last from 5 to 7 years at an almost brand new condition with minimal to zero repairs and part replacements. With a cheaper cost and high-performing specifications, having a longer lifespan than other manufacturers that offer the same high-performing specs and costs, we cannot deny why Lenovo became popular for budget users.


Microsoft logo

If there is a direct competitor to Apple, it is Microsoft, so much so that this rivalry has existed since the beginning of both companies. Microsoft computers are secure, have protection against threats, have a very beautiful aesthetic, and their technology is the most advanced on the market.

Obviously, their operating system will always be Windows, and you have a reasonably varied catalog of models to choose from.

Microsoft Laptops General Lifespan:

To estimate, Microsoft laptops can last between 4 to 8 years depending on the model and specifications, with complete support from Microsoft. Microsoft, just like Apple, produces their laptop units using their own operating system. This could be a possible reason why some of their laptop models can last longer than other manufacturers that use the Windows OS.


Huawei logo

This is another Chinese company that has shown the world that the equipment in this region is of high quality. Huawei is one of the largest telecommunications companies and provides a wide variety of services. In case you didn’t know, it also sells a very attractive line of laptops.

They have a good screen, great processors, exclusive designs, a lot of elegance, and excellent portability. Their models are normally aimed at the basic user, that is, they are devices designed for office automation programs and surfing the Internet.

Huawei Laptops General Lifespan:

Since Huawei has only entered the laptop market in 2016, a generalized estimated lifespan is not yet established for its laptop devices. Although despite this, its number of users is still growing and many of these users are satisfied being a Huawei laptop user for 3-5 years at an almost brand new condition with minimal to zero repairs and part replacements.


msi logo

We close this list of laptop brands with the longest lifespan with the definitive manufacturer for gaming enthusiasts. MSI is the company that leads the world of gaming and is characterized by its excellent quality in each of its products, as well as by its design and innovation.

It’s unlikely that there are notebook models that can match MSI’s high-end equipment. MSI is a manufacturer that is absolutely worth it because all its laptops are of high quality. They are powerful devices, with great performance, very robust, and that do not damage easily over time.

MSI Laptops General Lifespan:

Being popular for gamers, MSI usually has high-performing specifications that can last and be supported for years. As an estimation, MSI laptops can last between 4-7 years at an almost brand new condition with minimal to zero repairs and part replacements and as long as the usage is not abused.

How many years of life span does each laptop brand have?

Now that you know which laptops have the longest lifespan, you may be wondering how many years we are talking about. Well, there is no definitive answer, because everything depends on a great variety of factors, so we can only give an estimated range.

Laptop ManufacturerEstimated Range of LifespanMean Lifespan
Apple5 to 8 years6.5 years
Microsoft4 to 8 years6 years
Dell5 to 7 years6 years
Lenovo5 to 7 years6 years
HP5 to 6 years5.5 years
MSI4 to 7 years5.5 years
ASUS4 to 5 years4.5 years
Huawei3 to 5 years4 years

However, it’s the case that these devices don’t get damaged easily and it’s even possible that they offer 7, 10, or even more years of service life. Of course, that doesn’t mean that after that time they will still be versatile and functional equipment because technology advances faster every day, and perhaps within a few years they will be obsolete.

In any case, if you want to invest in a laptop with a long life span and great functionality, Apple is the right choice, regardless of price. But if you want to spend less and get an equally satisfactory experience, choose any of the brands that we have described in this article, depending on what your needs are at the user level.

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